At TriStar Realty Group, LLC, we offer an innate working knowledge of land albeit future residential development acreage within urban service boundaries whereby zoning can most times align with intended use and procurement is not far outside due-diligence window; to  the more challenging site  where the Comprehensive Land Use, Re-Zone, Mitigation, Traffic Concurrency, Services, Site Plan, and offsite improvements need be evaluated, engaged, and taken through the lengthy process in order to achieve a mutually respectful transaction whereby our client either accepts or relingushies title and can engage on the intended use.   We are hands-on with each aspect of the project.

TriStar Realty Group, LLC hands-on approach is applied both to the client and the investment. 

Whether individual Fee Simple, Partnerships, Trust, 1031, 1033, DST's, CRT, 501c3, 170, or Fortune 500 C-Corp from rancher, national home-builder, multi-family, office, warehouse, industrial/manufacturing, medical, hospitality or special venue...we strive to represent our client and the investment. 


On behalf of our client, we oversee the process, Inception to completion.  Our service(s) range from Traditional Commerical Brokerage to Commercial Real Estate Consultant. The service engaged depends on the client need and expectation of economic and timeline. When engaged as Consultant, we hire experienced professionals. Typically, we engage outside services from the area, we've learned, local credential professionals know the inner workings of the municipalities and agencies which assist in reaching the goals of our client while many times reaching entitlement, rezone close the transaction. 


We seek to transact when the site is either pointed toward or arrived at highest and best use (HIBU). When time is not of the essence, we advise taking steps that will bring to the added value whereby our client will realize the greatest return. 


This is achieved via a responsible plan of action inclusive of all aspects relating to achieving the desired end result.  A specialty in and of itself, TriStar Realty Group, LLC stands ready to assist clients through

process albeit acquisition, disposition, portfolio re-alignment to off-book development land to the lot(s).  


TriStar Realty Group, LLC  brokered reclaimed mining land from Res 1:5 to 3:1, worked with developers, sand/rock mines, and home-builders on vast developments from zero lot line to estate acreage.


TriStar Realty Group, LLC. attempts to understand and assist via providing solutions while working with our client. We are transparent with service providers, contractors, third parties and governmental agencies assigned specific categories.  


However, we are firm believers in Confidentiality and Non-Circumvent, and we "only" share relevant information to relevant sources, we work to ensure Parties are updated on their portion of relevant details. 




TriStar Realty Group, LLC works tirelessly on behalf of our clients. We represent y their interest with contractual Parties, municipalities, and various agencies. We do not wait on the sidelines for it just to happen. 


For each of our listings, to the best of our ability and knowledge, we  provide and distribute complete and accurate informational brochures including maps, color photographs, and comprehensive due diligence information such as water rights, forage production, mineral rights, livestock capacity, leases, cash flow, social, cultural, and recreational amenities of the property along with analyzing tax returns, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and tax depreciation (where applicable).


TriStar Realty Group, LLC advises our clients whether Fee Simple or Buyer, that a transaction is never a done deal until the funds are in the account. Do NOT spend on hope or expectation of closings.


If, our client is the fee-simple...we watch over the equitable title holder during the due diligence period making sure things are progressing and reporting to our clients any known challenges to terms or conditions of the Purchas and Sale Agreement. If we represent the acquisition side, we attend meetings, community to committees in order to assure we are in the know.  We do not simply want a deal closed but we want a long-term relationship as your go-to broker. We strive to be the top-shelf Broker service provider. 































We respect the rancher, farmer of rural acreage ranches, orchards, and timberlands. Not all land is development potential, someone has to feed the world.


You will find TriStar Realty Group, LLC one of the first to stand side by side with the rancher and farmer.  We do NOT see every parcel as a future development. Our families are former ranchers and farmers, it is our heritage, we respect the blood, sweat and toil it takes to the ranch and far.


We also understand land/land lease must not exceed break-even point(s) and the direct correlation of the soil, timber,  improved pasture, wetlands, topo, fencing/cross fencing, clay/sandy loom as intricate parts of your yield. We are interested in our client's long-term success.  


TriStar Realty Group, LLC  offers extensive knowledge of geography along the west coast of Florida, from Naples to the upper Panhandle.  We have a vast knowledge of various aspects of the rural real estate.  That being stated, it is paramount our client understands the implications of certain environmental challenges such as onsite fuel depo, arsenic, mineral rights, cattle dips, grapefruit groves, floodplains, conservation easements, mitigation, pine beetles, gopher tortoise, scrub jays, eagles and egrets, Florida black panther and sacred Indian burial mounds, our knowledge of specific needs addresses them accordingly client-by-client as no two land transactions are the same. 


These included improved pastures, lots, timber, hunting camps, peat and landscape farms, conservation easement, wetland mitigation, horse farm and celebrity estates with acreage. Most lands were cross-fenced with cattle (beef and dairy), and others included chicken farms and a hog slaughtering operation. Of course, hay, feed, equipment, and storage barns (where gasoline, diesel,  kerosene,  chemicals, and oil were maintained onsite) which required Phase 1, 2 and/or 3 environmental studies for compliance.  


TriStar Realty Group, LLC is familiar with land, sand and pit type properties. We have extensive knowledge and background in the area's of DOT sand/fines as remands including C&D pits, Redi-mix operations, wash-out pits, and kilns.


TriStar Realty Group, LLC's Managing Member has been involved in various forms of construction services, vertical and non-vertical projects including tilt wall commercial and residential within the state of Florida for over 25 years. Thereby, a working relationship exists with construction and development professionals, real estate agents, and third-party services. Through the years, TriStar Realty Group, LLC has been privileged to represent large landholdings, Farmers, and Ranchers, Family Trust, National Home-Builders, National Retailers, Regional Industrial Parks, Hospitality Flags, Retail and Office Developers and end-users in the acquisition, disposition and consulting basis on Florida farmland, developmental land, timberland, recreational properties, educational facilities, and rural estates.


These Fee Simple owners were located from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to Miami Florida from New York to Jacksonville to Naples Florida.  

TriStar's marketing services are cutting edge and market inclusive. TriStar Realty Group, LLC specializes in land and commercial real estate. We broker all types of OREO - a result of foreclosure on real property as a result of default by the borrower who used the property as collateral for the loan.  We find and sell large land packages to high-net individuals, developers, and private equity groups.